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LET’S GO was founded as Students Company to participate in Injaz Oman competition in 2015.This Company gathered students from different specialization which is the winning team of the eco house designing in the local competition in Oman from higher collage of technology. Since the company has grown and developed into an official registered SME specialized in producing innovative products for the tourism sector. “Let’s Go” has also been incubated at the National Business Center (NBC) at the beginning of 2016. The first innovative product has won the first place as the most innovative product in NBO innovative competition in 2016. The product is a first of its kind in the world market. It is a functional product for tourists featuring high tech solutions such as self-powered system with solar cells. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the product has been developed locally by one of the leading Omani companies which are Zubair Furnishing (Zubair Corporation Company).Now the product and the company is ready for the market.

Our Values



we gave more than we get, to be valuable and trustworthy partners in business, and we always stick in our agreement

<p><center>Innovation & Design</center>

Innovation & Design

We invent to solve problems and our designs to make outdoor products more convenient and more enjoyable

<p><center>Commercial Mindset</center>

Commercial Mindset

We do multiple tasks to be effective in our operations and to be more effective in line with developments and technology to invent more.

<p><center>Attention to detail</center>

Attention to detail

We care about every detail in our products and services that what make us different.



We have “Never one way” mentality and we strive to make Oman place where people thrive and Develop.



We are passionate about engaging solar energy with Outdoor Living.

Get to know us

Company’s mission & vision

Mission: Making innovating products and services to let you experience the beauty of nature. We produce, design and supply innovative, functional products to the highest standards that perform to and beyond expectations. Through our passion for the outdoors we inspire and create the foundation for unforgettable moments. Also we care about the sustainability so we are making ecofriendly products and we are using the advantage of renewable energy. 
Vision: Be the most consumer preferred outdoor products company creating the best outdoor experiences and adventures. Our commitment is to provide innovative, top-quality and meaningful outdoor products that create unforgettable memories and win the trust and loyalty of our consumers.

The team


Fatma Al Rawahi

Public relations

Maryam Al Balushi


Mazin Al Hadhrami


Balarab Al Muharbi

CEO Assistant
Our best work

Our Product

The company is the first in our country aims to produce functional product helps to solve all camping problems using environmentally friendly materials; which impacting many camping tool in one piece which will save time and money with using the Advantages of solar energy.
 GO ADVENTURE is our first innovative product which is a versatile chair either for trips or camping or outdoor activities. The chair can be switched to a bed. It contains umbrella to provide a shade. Moreover, Wide armrests offer increased comfort whiles the cup holder it can maintain the temperature of your favorite beverage.
In addition, it has a solar power on the shade that will charge a power bank that can provide electricity for charging mobile phones, camera etc. Moreover, the shade features LED, Fans and Bluetooth speaker.It’s light weight chair  which is not more than 7 Kg and It folds down and closes up to become a carry bag. The materials used for the product are a lightweight Aluminum tube, recyclable plastic pieces, and heatproof fabric material.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

The basic product

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